Relationship Advice

Tips On How To Spice Bisexual Relationships

24 Jan , 2015  


We tend to be complacent when we don’t hear any complaints from our girlfriend, but in reality, silence tends to kill bonds and intimacy in a relationship. Here are some ways you can spice up your sex and improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

1. Communication is important for great sex. Extend foreplay by flirting on texting beforehand to hint to the possibility of your having sex later.

2. Kiss like a pro and let anticipation build. Try different techniques, kiss your partner on the elbow or on the side of the ears. When you feel and hear rapid breathing and your partner begins to clutch you tightly, you know that you’re using the right moves.

3. Buy a sex toy that’s different from the last one. Try a different color, texture or design.

4. Get advanced skills on the power of touch. Touching sends messages on nerves throughout the body. Other than light strokes on sensitive zones, learn some relaxing sensual massages. Not only does this help relax muscles that are tired from a long day of work, it can also be a ticket to foreplay.

5. Be playful in bed. Put on a costume or decorate the bed with handcuffs and sensual aromas.

6. Explore and try a sexual fantasy. One of the most common settings that build excitement is one night stand experiences. Create a dialogue that acts like you’ve seen her the first time, and just can’t let go of her.

7. Try sensory deprivation. Blindfold and kiss each other. This allows us to get to know each other’s body responses deeper.

8. Take a tantric sex classes and try it out to explore different positions and sexual-spiritual aspect of your relationships.

9. Try switching roles or tasks. One advantage of having a bisexual relationship is the ability to be flexible. If your girlfriend is always the one planning out weekend dates, try switching responsibilities and surprise each other.

10. Change sex date locations. Try a different hotel or a staycation in a romantic cabin this winter.

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Sex Toys

Take Back Your Relationship- Add Much Needed Spice To Your Life

24 Jan , 2015  


Every relationship reaches a point where something needs to be added to increase passion and add flair. It’s difficult sometimes to decide exactly what you should purchase, or where you should, and not everyone is open to your bisexual lifestyle; and most pass judgment on your choices. Is there anywhere to buy toys that you’re not going to get snide looks, or feel embarrassed to ask questions- and even get a little personal one-on-one conversation to help you decide exactly what’s right for you?

We (my partner and I) have been talking about switching positions- our relationship isn’t quite as physical as we might desire; she’s tired of the plain old situations that we find ourselves in time and time again; constantly doing the same sexual routine, never changing anything up. One of the many options out there that we really found provocative was a strap-on to really improve the quality and passion in our relationships- better than any man ever could.

Our new strap-on dildo allows us to take more masculine positions and add more control to our sex life. She or I can focus on different positions and try different tactics than before to add another level to our tired lives. Plus, one of us can approach the other and dominate the other; pushing each other down; the other acting more docile- the different options that this particular toy offers us is great to really make our relationship more three dimensional.

It simply allows us to enjoy something that we’ve failed to have in our lives via our sexual preferences. Despite the appendages we prefer, sometimes it’s nice to have much needed variety- in this situation, a phallus. It requires a lot of patience in relationships without these types of devices as our bodies only have so many options. To change our dynamics completely, all we have to do is strap on our new toy; and take control of our sex life. The best part is that it’s extremely easy to use and have all sorts of options to choose from in our sex life! Our relationship has increased dramatically by simply adding this one basic toy- before we simply practiced different techniques with our fingers or tongues; now we can role play, dress differently, and explore our kinkiest desires.

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Erotic Stories

Liz and Tina’s Story

24 Jan , 2015  


Hi there, my name is Liz and my girlfriend’s name is Tina. We are the owners of this website. We met in college at a meeting for a student gay rights group. Tina had dark hair, long sexy legs, gorgeous lips and perky breasts. As for me I’m a small girl with big tits for my size, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice ass, or so my girlfriend tells me.

We made this site to share our sexual experiences with other bisexual women and show the world we have a voice! Our site features erotic stories, advice on maintaining a strong relationship from Tina and sex toy reviews. We like to play with toys a lot so we’re pretty experienced. We’ve come to learn that a bad sex toy is a waste of money. We’ll tell you which toys to avoid, and which toys are worth the money.

At the end of the group meeting Tina stopped me outside of the door. She asked if I wanted to go to the bar with her and a few friends that night. I had a secret crush on Tina and my heart raced at the chance to spend time with her in a social setting. Tina, some of her friends and I took a cab downtown after getting dressed up for the club. Tina looked so hot in her tiny black skirt that barely covered her beautiful ass. I stared at her for a while and she caught my eye, smiling. I blushed and looked away, feeling my pussy start to get wetter and wetter.

We stopped downtown at a bar that I didn’t recognize and headed in. There was loud dance music playing and tons of people. There were two tall blonde girls practically humping each other’s legs on the dance floor and I realized with a slight shock that it was a gay bar. I bought a drink and Tina and I got to talking. Loosened up by a few shots, I told her that I was bisexual. “Me too, love.” she said in her melodic voice. “Why do you think I asked you to come here with me?” Before I knew it her lips were on mine and her hand squeezed my breast, causing me to gasp with pleasure.

We rushed into the nearest rest room and into a stall. Tina pinned me against the wall and cupped my dripping pussy in her hand, fingers running across my swelling clit and soaked panties. I let out a little moan as she pushed my dripping panties aside and slid two fingers into my desperate vagina, her thumb circling around my clit. She fingered me hard against the wall and it wasn’t long before I felt the orgasm rising deep inside me. I screamed out loud as I came, and anyone else in the bathroom must have heard my loud moans as those expert fingers guided me to orgasm. We took a cab to her place and I returned the favour, feeling her vagina clench my fingers as she yelled out loud and started cumming. We went to her bedroom and spent the rest of the night pleasuring each other and eating one another’s pussies until we were finally exhausted and went to sleep.

I kept seeing Tina and pretty soon we became a couple, though we still indulge our bisexual urges from time to time. We’ve been together for fifteen years now working as human rights activists for the gay community and developing this website.

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