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Escorts should marry the one they Love

7 Oct , 2015  

I think that we should all marry the one that we love, says Alexandra from London escorts. Some people are clearly really against gay marriages but I think that we should marry the one that we love. I keep wondering if the people who complain so much did marry the one that they love, or somebody else, asks Alexandra. The fact is that most of them probably married the one who they love. It is really as simple as that. Personally, I am all for live and let live, and I know that most London escorts agree with me on this point as well. After all is said and done, so many marriages break down.

Here at London escorts, we see a lot of broken down marriages, says Alexandra. It is really sad, and it has made me very aware of the many sides of marriage. Speaking to the gents that I date through London escorts, it is quite apparent that some of them did not marry out of love. It is almost like they married because they felt they had to. Now, that is really a disaster waiting to happen, says Alexandra and makes a sad face. Why do we do that?

Lots of gay people, men and women, that I know are really in love and should be allowed to marry. I think it is far better to be honest about your love, and marry the person you really love. When I leave London escorts, I hope to get married but I will only marry a man that I love. If, I don’t find a man that I truly love, I will not marry him. To me, and many other London escorts, it is as simple as that. Love should always be the basis of marriage, and nothing else, says Alexandra.

Gay people have a right to be happy. I know several bisexual London escorts who find relationships difficult. They will probably always have a hard time finding the right partner, and I can understand that. Should they marry, asks Alexandra. Yes, I think that they should marry if they can find the right partner. If, you can’t, you will only end up being yet another statistic and who wants to be that? Speaking to other London escorts, I have found that they often agree with me on this matter of love. It is after all not the easiest topic in the entire world.

Am I a romantic? You bet I am, says Alexandra with a smile. I love being in love and getting all of the attention. Sometimes it can be hard to identify real love and romantic love. I have come to the conclusion that romantic love can just be a romance. Real love is something much more profound and not everybody gets to experience real love. When we meet somebody new, it is easy to sail away on the love boat. I try not to do that, but it isn’t easy. The person I leave London escorts for will be someone special.

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Woolwich escorts – what is in your handbag?

1 Sep , 2015  

escort agency

hat is in your handbag? Tina from Woolwich escorts in says that she recently decided to empty her hand bag, and she was surprised at the amount of junk she carried around. And there was me thinking that I had only a lipstick in it, she says and laughs. There is little wonder that my shoulder hurts from time to time. It seems that I do carry around a lot of unnecessary things and I should really try to cut it down. But then again, maybe there is a reason why I keep so much junk in my hand bag, laughs Tina.

There are absolutely some things that are essential when you work as part of a team of Woolwich escorts. Yes, I do need to carry my iPad as I use that to track my dates. And just in case, I lose my iPad, I carry a rather hefty diary as well. There is no way I would be able to live without my diary and my iPad, she giggles. Of course, then we have my pencil case. That is actually like a little mini office. You will find things like a small stapler, various pens and pencils. Also, I carry a torch, you never know when you will need that neither.

I also carry an adult drawing book. The reason for that is very simple. Sometimes I get a little unexpected break so I do a little drawing. It sort of takes my mind off things and I rather enjoy sitting there feeling in the blank spaces. It is very relaxing and I know that many Woolwich escorts do exactly the same thing. It is one of those things that you can put away very quickly when the door bell rings, and it does not take up too much space.

Makeup is important when you work for a Woolwich escorts agency, or any other agency. My make up is rather large and I do carry a lot of makeup with me all of the time. The problem is that I do not only carry make up such as mascara and lipstick. Smelling nice is important as well and I just love my body lotions. It is important to me to have the same perfumes as body lotions, so that adds to the weight as well. You don’t actually realize how much perfume and body lotion weighs, she says with a smile.

I have two different types of hairbrushes stashed away, but that is not the only brush which is important, says Tina. Clean teeth are nice, so inside my handbag you will find an electric toothbrush as well. Looking at it, it looks like I take almost my entire life with me to Woolwich escorts every evening but this is perhaps not too bad. I know some girls who carry more. Oh. I forgot to say there is a mini photo album as well and I treasure the images of my family and friends. They simply must come with me wherever I go, ends Tina.

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Where can I date black girls in London

21 Aug , 2015  

brixton escorts

If, you are looking to date black girls in London, you really need to check out Brixton escorts services, I am not saying that other agencies, do not have black escorts, but you will find more talented black girls in Brixton. Personally, I always date black girls in Brixton. I got hooked on dating black escorts after dating a couple of black babes in Las Vegas. I had such a good time that I just couldn’t forget about the girls. Ever since then I have been dating hot black babes exclusively, and the only place I go to in London is Brixton.

Most of my mates have started to date black girls as well, and we sometimes set up several dates with Brixton escorts. All of the girls here in Brixton are super hot. I once tried to date a black girl in Mayfair but it wasn’t the same. She just wasn’t as exciting as some of the girls I have met here in Brixton. She was way too classy and it was a bit like do not touch. In the end, I got fed up and never dated her again. Some escorts in central London can be a bit above themselves.

I love all kind of girls, and privately I sometimes date other girls. That being said, if I had my way I would marry a black girl. A couple of the girls that I date through Brixton escorts services, seem to be interested in me. They sort of give me that look that tells me that they fancy me. I really like them as well and would like to take all of them out privately to test the water. I am not sure if they would go for it but it would be worth having a go I think.

It would be great if I could cut down on my dating with Brixton escorts services as I would really like to meet somebody special and settle down. Over the last few years I have worked like mad and it is time for a change. You can’t work all your life and it is now time for something different. Ideally I would like to meet a hot girl and marry her. To be honest, I am not so sure that I would live in England. I have paid off the mortgage on my flat so we could easily move abroad.

In the meantime, until I find Mrs Right, I am going to continue to date Brixton escorts. As far as I am concerned, they are the hottest girls in town and I love them dearly. You will find out yourself once you meet the girls in Brixton. There is indeed something very special about the hot girls in this part of town. They are spicy, wild and tame at the same time, I love my Brixton girls and would recommend their services to all gents out there. I wonder if I will be able to live without once I meet Mrs Right.

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Petite Blonde Escorts

8 Aug , 2015  

Petit Escorts

A gent recently said to me that it is difficult to find blonde petite escorts in London. Well, the Better Sex Guide is always up for a challenge and we decided to help our regular reader and find him some blonde petite escorts from Yes, you can enter the term as search term on the Internet but most of the time you will find it will show you petite escorts, not blonde petite escorts.

You can spend quite a long time searching for petite blonde escorts actually, and perhaps escorts agencies should address this problem as it may be costing them business. After all, no business would like to lose out on arranging dates for needy gents.

The Better Sex Guide started to call around quite a few London agencies, and we soon discovered that petite blonde escorts are a bit of rarity in some parts of London, and that you may have to contact quite a few escorts agencies to find the girl that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of the agencies located in central London or near the airports seem to offer petite blondes. However, looking around the outskirts of London we were able to track down quite a few agencies that offer petite blondes. The best areas to find petite blondes at the moment are located in Richmond, Romford and Manor Park.

Manor Park

To our surprise we discovered that Manor Park has the best availability of petite blondes. All of the agencies that we spoke to in this area offered hot petites for dating. The ladies did seem to be fairly booked up, and it is necessary for gentlemen callers to book a few days in advance.

Hot petite blondes have the lowest cancellation rates, and this would indicate that there is a need for more small blonde ladies to join the escorts business. A lot of gentlemen callers from abroad seem to like to meet petite blondes when they visit London, so it is important for agencies to ensure that they meet demand.


Richmond is another popular and good area to find petite blondes in. The benefit of Richmond is that it is not a million miles away from Heathrow airport, and many of the petite Richmond escorts can service the airport area as well. However, Richmond agency owners are keen to point out that many of the girls need to have traveling expenses paid when they service airport call outs.


Romford is another area where a gent is like to find more petite blonde ladies, and some of the most stunning blonde petites date in Romford, It is worthwhile to point out that many of the ladies that date in Romford only offer an out call service, so you need to be able to ensure the comfort of your lady of choice.

Rates vary a great deal in Romford but all the standards are set very high, and agency bosses assured me that you will not be disappointed with you choice of escort in the Romford area.

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Basildon escorts

16 Jul , 2015  

Basildon Escorts

Have you ever dated escorts in Basildon? I am writing into the Better Sex Guide forum on escorts in Basildon as I am new to the area. I would like to date Basildon escorts simply because I live here now. It would be really convenient for me and I could date after I come home from work. Before I lived in Basildon, I used to live in Harrow and I dated Harrow hot babes. More than anything I am a bit of one-on-one guy so I am not looking for any exciting services at all such as duo dating. All I really would like to know is if there are any escorts agencies in Basildon that gents would recommend to me. Thanks Tony

Alan; There are quite a few escorts agencies in Basildon like, and personally I think that all Basildon escorts agencies are really good. I have enjoyed dating through all of them and they all have some seriously hot ladies. I have to be honest and say that I don’t have a favorite at all. If you are after really hot and sexy ladies there are also several good quality escorts agencies in neighboring boroughs who might be able to help you.

Joe: I am really into dating hot blondes and I swear by using Basildon escorts agencies. I have dated around quite a bit but I must say that I have come across some really hot ladies right here in Basildon. The VIP escorts agency in Basildon is probably one of the best agencies at the moment but you need to be prepared to pay a bit more. Some of the ladies who date through this agency are the hottest girls that I have ever met and I have never been disappointed. I always just do regular dating just like yourself.

Nick: VIP Basildon escorts services are excellent and they provide loads of different services such as duo dating and escorts for couples as well. I have had some really hot dates through this agency and I will continue to use the service as long as I live in Basildon. Dates are available on an incall and outcall basis, and the girls are just stunning. This is probably one of the best agencies in the area at the moment and I am sure that you will be delighted with all of the girls that you will be able to meet through this agency.

There are many excellent escorts services around the London area at the moment, and you want to find one which suits your needs and requirements. Basildon escorts agencies do have a really good name and I have noticed that many international visitors are also starting to use the services. The hourly rates of all of the escorts services in Basildon are very good and the ladies who work there are just stunning. It does not matter if you fancy blondes or brunettes – all of the ladies look really sexy. Arranging dates is easy as well and you will find that you have some exciting new services available.

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3 reasons you should date escortsin Essex

22 Jun , 2015  

escort agency

Okay, so you have never dated escorts in Essex before. Well, you don’t need to worry about a thing. But I though you ought to know that Essex escorts are very special to me and I think that you would enjoy dating them. Here is a few facts. First of all, a lot of Essex hot babes are former elite escorts who used to work in central London. I don’t know if you have ever dated in central London, but elite escorts from places like Mayfair are out of this world. That is exactly what you get when you date sexy Essex ladies.

Are they sexy? Of course Essex escorts are sexy, otherwise I would not be recommending them to you. I think that only sexiest escorts become Essex hot babes and if you follow the links on this page you can check them out. If you are that sort of gent who would like to date a lady with stunning blonde curls, red lips, long red nails and a bust to die for, you are looking for Essex escorts. They are real hot and crazy sex goddesses and some of them used to be lingerie models. Date here in Essex and really give yourself a treat!

a taste of excitement you can find here at essex escorts

a taste of excitement you can find here at essex escorts

Not looking for a blonde? I might prefer hot blondes, but I know that there are many gents who like to date brunettes as well. Well, hold on to your hats, because we have the best and kinkiest brunette escorts in all of the UK. I have a friend who date brunette Essex escorts on a regular basis and he walks around with a permanent smile on his face. I am not sure what his escorts are doing to him but they certainly seem to be able to make him happy in more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

You can also duo date in Essex. I duo dated a couple of steaming hot redheads last week and I have never enjoyed myself so much. They were as sexy as anything and I just could not get over the lingerie they were wearing. To be honest I don’t think that I have ever experienced anything like it and I don’t that I will again. I am so glad that duo dating is making it big in England and I am sure that there will be a lot more girls offering the service in the future.

Essex escorts have come along way in recent years and I know that these gorgeous hot babes will never fail to disappointment their gents. It is just isn’t in their make up. They are out so satisfy you in any which way they can, and I am sure that you will enjoy every minute of your date with our girls here in Essex. Don’t worry if it is your first time. Just call the agency and you will find that many of the front desk staff sound just as sexy as many of the stunning escorts that will meet here in Essex.

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Dating hot London escorts

27 May , 2015  

London Escorts

London is not a town you want to visit on your own, but many gents do. A lot of international business men end up sitting on their own in their hotel rooms when they could be dating hot London escorts. I know that you can date escorts all over the world, but I also know from experience that London has some of the best escorts agencies in the world. So, if you are visiting town, arrange a date or two with London escorts from

There are many different ways in which you can arrange date with hot babes in London. You may even be lucky to come across a recommendation from another business traveler, but you can also find hot London escorts on the Internet. All of the best escorts agencies are located in London, and you will be able to meet girls with an incredible wealth of experience.

Many of the girls who date and work as London escorts are former lingerie models and porn stars, and once you see their bodies you will realize that. If you are in the mood for some erotic adult fun, London is certainly the best place to be.

Escorts Agencies

The escorts agencies in London are top class, and you will find that only THE best escorts can work here. These are the girls who have come up “through the ranks” so to speak, and they just love to give their dates the hottest and sexiest of times. If you are looking for the ultimate erotic adventure, you should make arrangements before all of the hottest blondes and brunettes get booked,

Imagine resting comfortably on a massage table whilst a blonde wearing sexy lingerie is giving you a sensual massage. It is an experience beyond your widest fantasies, and whilst your are having your massage you can enjoy the sweetest dreams. The sensual pleasure of dating in London must be experienced as you will not believe what you are in for.

Arranging a date is easy

Arranging a date with London escorts is easy. Simply access the Internet using your mobile device, and the hottest babes will come up in front of you very eyes. If this is your first time checkout London escort websites, you are probably not going to believe what you are seeing. However, your eyes are not deceiving you, the hottest girls on the earth can be yours with the next key stroke.

You can also arrange dates using the phone. Just call the agency and the girls on the end of the phone will talk you through the choice available. You can specify hair color, breast size and basically build your dream girl from there. A little while later you will be standing outside a hot girl’s door, and when she opens the door, your eyes are going to feel like they are about to pop out.

I only ever date in London as I am into dating only the best. To me there are only London escorts and I have not been impressed with hot babes elsewhere.

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Obsessed with bisexuality

29 Mar , 2015  

bisexual escorts

Who is a bisexual? It is a person that is sexually attracted to people of both genders. Being a bisexual is not a choice both girls and guys can be bisexuals. These days’ people’s fantasies have become naughty and diverse. The main fantasy that people have is to see two girls play with each other. Bisexual escorts in London can happily spend time with women, men, or even both. When you hire the services of bisexual Sutton escorts, you get be open about your sexuality in a discreet way. The younger generation is more accepting of bisexuality; women are more open when it comes to talking about it.

Why are we so obsessed with bisexuality?


By inviting bisexual Sutton escorts to join you in an erotic adventure, you have an exciting experience. You can have open and free communication with Sutton escorts without worrying about being judged or seeing differently. Bisexual escorts in Sutton have beautiful bodies and because of this, they look appealing to everyone. This enables them to use their sexuality to seduce and tease you. Exploring sexuality

Couples are looking for discreet ways to explore their sexuality and the best way to do this is to invite a bisexual to join you in an erotic quest. By doing this, you are able to match your preference and explore your sexuality. encounters with London escorts is a no strings attached adventure and the most amazing thing is that it is pleasurable for the both of you.

To fulfil fantasies

Some couples have fantasies that they wish to fulfil and the only way to live out of a fantasy is to turn it into a reality. The best way to fulfil this fantasy is to hire the services of fun-loving and friendly bisexual professional London escorts. Bisexual escorts will make sure that the both of you are at ease, by doing this you are able to relax and get to fulfil your fantasy. Such an experience is not a threat in fact; it creates a new dimension to your relationship.


Most bisexuals are scared of their feeling especially men. The important thing is happiness it does not matter if it is a woman or man that makes you happy. Listen to both your body and mind and you will be able to know who you find attractive. Do not force yourself to be attracted to someone because it is not possible. The best thing is to admit whom you are and go for what you want. This will give you satisfaction and happiness. Sutton escorts can help you identify who you are. Every person needs to be happy as well as fulfilled with his or her partner. Coming out and telling a person about your sexuality is a personal choice. No one should pressure you into doing it, only do it when you are ready. Explore your deeper inner desires by hiring the services of a bisexual escort; fantasies are wild, personal, and deep. Sutton escorts from  will ensure that you get a wonderful experience that will last in your memory forever. Do not shy away it is time you fulfilled your wildest desires.

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Relationship Advice

Tips On How To Spice Bisexual Relationships

24 Jan , 2015  


We tend to be complacent when we don’t hear any complaints from our girlfriend, but in reality, silence tends to kill bonds and intimacy in a relationship. Here are some ways you can spice up your sex and improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

1. Communication is important for great sex. Extend foreplay by flirting on texting beforehand to hint to the possibility of your having sex later.

2. Kiss like a pro and let anticipation build. Try different techniques, kiss your partner on the elbow or on the side of the ears. When you feel and hear rapid breathing and your partner begins to clutch you tightly, you know that you’re using the right moves.

3. Buy a sex toy that’s different from the last one. Try a different color, texture or design.

4. Get advanced skills on the power of touch. Touching sends messages on nerves throughout the body. Other than light strokes on sensitive zones, learn some relaxing sensual massages. Not only does this help relax muscles that are tired from a long day of work, it can also be a ticket to foreplay.

5. Be playful in bed. Put on a costume or decorate the bed with handcuffs and sensual aromas.

6. Explore and try a sexual fantasy. One of the most common settings that build excitement is one night stand experiences. Create a dialogue that acts like you’ve seen her the first time, and just can’t let go of her.

7. Try sensory deprivation. Blindfold and kiss each other. This allows us to get to know each other’s body responses deeper.

8. Take a tantric sex classes and try it out to explore different positions and sexual-spiritual aspect of your relationships.

9. Try switching roles or tasks. One advantage of having a bisexual relationship is the ability to be flexible. If your girlfriend is always the one planning out weekend dates, try switching responsibilities and surprise each other.

10. Change sex date locations. Try a different hotel or a staycation in a romantic cabin this winter.

For more tips click here:

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Take Back Your Relationship- Add Much Needed Spice To Your Life

24 Jan , 2015  


Every relationship reaches a point where something needs to be added to increase passion and add flair. It’s difficult sometimes to decide exactly what you should purchase, or where you should, and not everyone is open to your bisexual lifestyle; and most pass judgment on your choices. Is there anywhere to buy toys that you’re not going to get snide looks, or feel embarrassed to ask questions- and even get a little personal one-on-one conversation to help you decide exactly what’s right for you?

We (my partner and I) have been talking about switching positions- our relationship isn’t quite as physical as we might desire; she’s tired of the plain old situations that we find ourselves in time and time again; constantly doing the same sexual routine, never changing anything up. One of the many options out there that we really found provocative was a strap-on to really improve the quality and passion in our relationships- better than any man ever could.

Our new strap-on dildo allows us to take more masculine positions and add more control to our sex life. She or I can focus on different positions and try different tactics than before to add another level to our tired lives. Plus, one of us can approach the other and dominate the other; pushing each other down; the other acting more docile- the different options that this particular toy offers us is great to really make our relationship more three dimensional.

It simply allows us to enjoy something that we’ve failed to have in our lives via our sexual preferences. Despite the appendages we prefer, sometimes it’s nice to have much needed variety- in this situation, a phallus. It requires a lot of patience in relationships without these types of devices as our bodies only have so many options. To change our dynamics completely, all we have to do is strap on our new toy; and take control of our sex life. The best part is that it’s extremely easy to use and have all sorts of options to choose from in our sex life! Our relationship has increased dramatically by simply adding this one basic toy- before we simply practiced different techniques with our fingers or tongues; now we can role play, dress differently, and explore our kinkiest desires.

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Erotic Stories

Liz and Tina’s Story

24 Jan , 2015  


Hi there, my name is Liz and my girlfriend’s name is Tina. We are the owners of this website. We met in college at a meeting for a student gay rights group. Tina had dark hair, long sexy legs, gorgeous lips and perky breasts. As for me I’m a small girl with big tits for my size, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice ass, or so my girlfriend tells me.

We made this site to share our sexual experiences with other bisexual women and show the world we have a voice! Our site features erotic stories, advice on maintaining a strong relationship from Tina and sex toy reviews. We like to play with toys a lot so we’re pretty experienced. We’ve come to learn that a bad sex toy is a waste of money. We’ll tell you which toys to avoid, and which toys are worth the money.

At the end of the group meeting Tina stopped me outside of the door. She asked if I wanted to go to the bar with her and a few friends that night. I had a secret crush on Tina and my heart raced at the chance to spend time with her in a social setting. Tina, some of her friends and I took a cab downtown after getting dressed up for the club. Tina looked so hot in her tiny black skirt that barely covered her beautiful ass. I stared at her for a while and she caught my eye, smiling. I blushed and looked away, feeling my pussy start to get wetter and wetter.

We stopped downtown at a bar that I didn’t recognize and headed in. There was loud dance music playing and tons of people. There were two tall blonde girls practically humping each other’s legs on the dance floor and I realized with a slight shock that it was a gay bar. I bought a drink and Tina and I got to talking. Loosened up by a few shots, I told her that I was bisexual. “Me too, love.” she said in her melodic voice. “Why do you think I asked you to come here with me?” Before I knew it her lips were on mine and her hand squeezed my breast, causing me to gasp with pleasure.

We rushed into the nearest rest room and into a stall. Tina pinned me against the wall and cupped my dripping pussy in her hand, fingers running across my swelling clit and soaked panties. I let out a little moan as she pushed my dripping panties aside and slid two fingers into my desperate vagina, her thumb circling around my clit. She fingered me hard against the wall and it wasn’t long before I felt the orgasm rising deep inside me. I screamed out loud as I came, and anyone else in the bathroom must have heard my loud moans as those expert fingers guided me to orgasm. We took a cab to her place and I returned the favour, feeling her vagina clench my fingers as she yelled out loud and started cumming. We went to her bedroom and spent the rest of the night pleasuring each other and eating one another’s pussies until we were finally exhausted and went to sleep.

I kept seeing Tina and pretty soon we became a couple, though we still indulge our bisexual urges from time to time. We’ve been together for fifteen years now working as human rights activists for the gay community and developing this website.

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